Craving growth but feeling overwhelmed by the vast sea of self-improvement options? You're not alone! Navigating the world of personal development can be daunting, especially when you're just starting out. That's where bite-sized, topic-focused workshops come in, offering the perfect springboard for your transformative journey.



Behind the Workshops

My intention for starting workshops in 2023 stems from wanting to provide different options for people with different needs in their journey towards intentional living. Think of these workshops as:

Delicious appetizers: Instead of a full-course meal, you get to savor specific flavors of personal development, like understanding your core motivations and fears better, values-setting, creating sustainable habits and systems etc. 

Intriguing first chapters: Each workshop is a compelling introduction to a broader topic, sparking your curiosity and inviting you to delve deeper if you choose.

Welcoming entry points: These workshops are the ideal way to dip your toes into our vibrant community of growth-minded individuals. Make new connections, exchange insights, and discover the supportive network that awaits.

I saw how this format has provided those who need that extra boost of inspiration the activation energy they needed to kick start their journey. More than just information sessions; these workshops aim to be catalysts for transformation.

the main benefits


Wanting to lead an intentional life starts with a deeper understanding of self but getting there is understandably tough. Through workshops, you will get to leverage concrete frameworks and strategies to navigate the often-murky landscapes of personal growth, revealing clearer directions and actionable steps towards your goals


Make that journey a lot more fun and memorable by gaining a safety net of encouragement and camaraderie, reminding you that you're not alone in your quest for self-improvement


Through clarity and connection, gain the confidence that will then empower you even more to take charge of your life, replacing self-doubt with the dazzling confidence of someone who knows they can achieve anything they set their mind to

High Sustainable Performance - Part A (Self-Awareness / Mindset)


The main premise of this workshop is based on understanding yourself a lot deeper to better define your success metrics BEFORE jumping to the sustainable habits / systems to get you there.

Unmask Your Values

Unrave Your Mindsets

Unearth Your Core Fears


High Sustainable Performance - Part B (Sustainable Habits and Systems)


The main premise of this workshop builds upon the previous workshop (which was largely on awareness) by leveraging what we know of ourselves to build more sustainable habits and systems.





Master Your Type:
Enneagram Strategies for Work, Relationships, and Wellbeing


The Enneagram offers a powerful tool for self-discovery, and your workshop can be the key to unlocking its transformative potential. Here are 3 "E"ncompassing value propositions to attract participants:

Embrace Your Essence

Elevate Your Relationships


Evolve Beyond LimitationS

The Neverdrift Guarantee

A transformative space for growth-minded individuals with their shared desire for growth and self-discovery to create the most intentional life for themselves

Let's journey together.



Is this in a group setting or 1-1?

This is a one-time session in a small group setting of <10 pax. I think there are pros and cons to both formats - it really depends on your goal / season at the moment. Small group settings has been the core format of the Neverdrift core group membership the past 5 years. When I ask members why they stay for years, it usually boils down to (1) being able to meet growth minded people outside of your colleagues & close friends to hear new perspectives and (2) also realizing that you are not alone in the challenges you are facing.

>> 1-1 coaching is more for those who have a time-sensitive or significant goal / issue to work and prefer very deep and personalized help to achieve or resolve something quickly. I am both a certified coach and also a coachee for the past 3 years and have seen first-hand how coaching has helped significantly for sizeable goals as we will confront many deeper issues that have been holding oneself back.

What is the thinking behind these workshops?

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” - Aristotle

In my opinion, most people focus on efficiency and not effectiveness. They dive into things like time management, prioritization, habit formation really quickly. I did that too - after all, there is so much more content on these topics and it is also much easier to see progress this way (i.e quick dopamine hits when you cross things off your to-do list).

What I am trying to advocate for is effectiveness and efficiency which comes with intentionality. Understanding yourself a lot deeper and define your success metrics BEFORE jumping to the sustainable habits / systems to get you there.

"If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there." - Lewis Carroll

What's the difference between effectiveness and efficiency?

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right thing." I came across this in Peter Drucker's book a couple of years back. It blew my mind and really changed the way I looked at most things in my life since.

>> Given that I really took pride in being efficient (and hence am a big fan of all things productivity related), this concept really made me re-frame my perspective and reminded me to consider quality of outcomes, not just quantity.

>> This is hard hence most people prefer to go for quantity to get the dopamine rush which I came to realize is more short-term thinking vs long-term and hence my approach to my own life has changed since (I try my best at least haha).

Won't my definition of success change? What's the point of defining it?

Yes it definitely might because you as a person will grow and evolve as you go through different experiences. But having a directional sense of where you might want to be is still better than not knowing at all. An analogy I use often to explain this is Google Maps.

  • Do you know where you are now? That's point A.
  • Do you know directionally where you want to be? That's point B.
  • Might point B change? Yes. But chances are if you do continuous self-reflection, travelling towards point B + iterate / course-correct along the way, you still have a higher probability of getting you to where you eventually want to be vs not defining point B at all
  • This would also help you in making subsequent decisions more easily because it can be as simple as "does this habit or job etc gets me nearer or bring me further away from B?

I aim to cover both (I) the awareness (what, why, where) and (II) the tools (how, when) in this session, combining a) what I did for my own self-work (coaching, reading, reflecting), b) using my coaching skills to help sharpen that clarity for you as my own coach did for me and c) sharing what worked for me in terms of efficiency because I am also a big productivity fan.


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