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the momentum membership

Do you feel stuck, stagnant, and frustrated with where you are in life? Want to lead a more intentional life but struggle to sustain your habits?

Most of us seek progress, but lack the systems, clarity, and accountability to make it happen.

With this membership, you gain access to private coaching that is focused on progressing you towards your goals and the life you want to lead through monthly/weekly programs and regular check-ins. Specially designed to empower growth-minded individuals who are seeking a boost to re-energize their lives.


"I hope that this is the year you change your life.
Not in the way of moving things around on the surface and wondering why nothing feels much different underneath. 

Not in the way of conformity. Not in the way that aligns you most closely with all of the traditional emblems of success, the ones that leave you smiling beside your accomplishments but feeling so pinched with guilt and regret.

I hope that this is the year you walk fiercely into the life that was always meant to be yours." 

-Brianna Weist


In the book 'The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying', this was the top regret and also one that I resonated most closely with: I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

It also aptly describes the reality of many individuals who attempt to reach their goals while navigating their busy day to days without the guidance and support of a professionally curated, structured program.

They struggle with self-doubt, procrastination, and a lack of direction, many things clamoring for their attention but still feeling as if they are making no progress despite their best efforts.

This was one of my greatest fears - drifting through life and going through the motions of doing everything that everyone expected of me but not living a life that I authentically wanted. Hence I created this program to take an active step in helping others as I strongly believe that we should never fear change, instead we should fear staying the same.

What makes this program unique

Holistic self-discovery

This program takes into account all aspects of your life. This includes your relationships as well as your physical and mental fitness. Everything is interconnected! Tuning in to all areas builds a strong foundation for the life you want in a sustainable, feel-good manner. 

professional EXPERTISE

With my advanced coaching certifications (through an professional institute endorsed by the International Coaching Federation) and ~6 years of experience running the Neverdrift community, the accumulated knowledge will equip you with tools that addresses your specific goals, needs and challenges.


We will tackle the lack of structure and accountability (a common challenge especially for working adults) around achieving your goals through personalized plans and consistent check-ins. 

Facing unexpected derails or need some help to get out of a rut? Get tips and encouragement between sessions, along with curated resources and tips to help you go through challenges during the entire program duration.

Dedicated support 

A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.

Tom Landry

What You Can Expect


access to expertise

You will gain the experience and strategies of a professionally-accredited coach for text support and continued optimization of habits, productivity tips, reframing of mindsets etc.

additional features

Throughout the program, we will be using a combination of personality tests, values assessments, accountability checklists, curated resources and progress tracking apps to track your progress and celebrate milestones along the way. 


gaining clarity of self

We will kick off with a comprehensive planning session where will we go through your goals, your values, your core motivations, your challenges to establish a baseline of where you are currently at vs where you want to be.


Monthly/weekly programs & regular check-ins

These programs designed towards your goals will also be tailored to your schedule for the week and sent to you before the week starts so we can start the week prepared and with laser-sharp clarity. This will be accompanied with regular check ins though texts / calls with data used to inform subsequent programming. 


BUILDING habits / systems  

We will also audit your current habits to see if they are helping or hindering you from your goals. Additionally, we will identify what are some key habits which we can weave into your day to day to significantly improve your progress and develop sustainable routines to implement them. This would also include behavior change techniques, mindset coaching and habit tracking tools to build momentum.

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Is This Right For You?

You are tired of going at it yourself through multiple options but still not seeing any results

You are overwhelmed by the plethora of personal development books and videos out there

You are willing to put in the time to commit to the programs and sessions

You are open to confront tough questions to open up your blind spots

You are committed to put in the work in between sessions and are excited to finally get the acceleration you want towards your goals

Yes, It Really Works

G, Big Tech

‘Broadened my perspectives’

I appreciated her picking up the common trends across different parts of our conversation, which help me further synthesize across my disparate thoughts. I also found her comments and questions to be succinct and thought-provoking, which enabled further discussions. Her concluding questions to probe next-steps were also effective.

T, Supply Chain

Natalie has been my life coach for a few months now and I am eternally grateful for it. Natalie has shown empathy and active listening in our sessions. She has created a safe and conducive space for me to dive into the coaching work. Natalie has shown her agility to be able to coach on various topics. In our sessions I have gained clarity and broadened my perspectives, essentials that I wouldn't have achieved on my own.


'Encouraging, positive and empowering'

She really listened and challenged me to stretch myself to reach goals that I did not think was possible. She worked together with me to help me become more self aware, tackled barriers and mindset change. As my coach, she is very encouraging, positive and empowering. Thank you for helping me uncover deeper realisations and becoming a better version of myself!

‘Succinct and thought-provoking’

Book A Consult

Interested to embark on this journey together and finally get the structured help you need to lead an intentional life where you feel empowered and inspired?

Fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you within 2 business days to schedule your consult. In this session, we will do introductions, you can get a feel of my coaching style and understand the program better.



What is coaching and how is it different from therapy or mentoring?

Coaching is more future-oriented and focuses on personal and professional growth, helping you set and achieve goals, overcome challenges, and unlock your potential.

Therapy is more past-oriented and addresses mental health concerns, while mentoring provides guidance and advice based on the mentor's experience.

Why is the program designed as such?

In this program, a professional coach will work with you through:

1) A comprehensive planning session where your goals, baseline and key challenges are identified.

2) Monthly/weekly programs designed to optimise your schedule and daily practices.

3) Regular check-ins (via text/calls) to inform and tailor the program for the week ahead.

4) A continued coach-coachee relationship for the reinforcement of healthy habits in between monthly sessions.

The program is designed as such as it takes ~30 days to start a habit and ~90 days to start and sustain a different lifestyle. It is important to take the time to design the right habits from the onset and gain sufficient consistency to build up them into our daily lives. This is so that we can ensure that they are forwarding us towards who we want to be. 

What if I'm not sure if coaching is right for me?

Many coaches offer introductory sessions to help you determine if coaching is a good fit for you. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and get a feel for the process before committing to a program. I would typically recommend people to meet 2-3 potential coaches before deciding.

Remember, 1-1 coaching is an investment in your personal and professional growth. By asking these questions and doing your research, you can find the right coach and approach to help you achieve your full potential.

What is the commitment of the program?

The coaching membership is renewable on a monthly basis and you can choose between the standard option (monthly programs) or the accelerated option (weekly programs). This provides you with the flexibility for continuation or pause, depending on your developing needs and/or season of life.

If you understand entropy, you understand that by doing nothing with your life, you choose to slowly drown in chaos.

You don't stay the same. You dig yourself deeper into a hole without trying.

The good life demands consistent effort towards your own goals.

Dan koe


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